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Long Exposure
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photo Critique

Having been in photography for 2 years now. I have captured random images as what my mind can imagine. Composition is an art in photography, many people can shot the same subject but only a few can make the great shot. For me, involving myself to see a variety of pictures in the internet really help me a lot on what to shoot and especially how to shoot. I have upgraded my camera twice already and I have to prove to myself that it was worth investing. 

So it came a time last year that I decided to learn a new software recommended by my close friend, totomai, which is also a blogger  to use Adobe Lightroom as my tool for post-processing . I run some tutorial videos in the net and I end up with Anthony Morganti, a photographer from the US showing easy to learn tutorial in Lightroom. So I grabbed the chance to see the videos in his website and found out that he will do critiques on how to improve in photography therefore I did some shots in the bay near our office and submit it to him for critique. For almost 2 months, my chance had gained its position. I am showcased in his work with the number 105.  I am very happy to hear all of his recommendation and appreciation in my photography. Small little thing from a professional is the greatest thing from an amateur.

So please take time to listen his comments on my photography. The video is shared from its youtube channel so you might as well check it out.

Once again, thank you very much Mr. Anthony Morganti for this video. I really appreciate your works and effort helping out photographers like me in the field.

Have a nice day everyone and stay safe.
God be with us always.

Happy blogging