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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Season End

This year almost come to an end. Last November 30,2013, our Inage Badminton Tournament also has its champion. We only place 1st-runner up after being undefeated in the round-robin. To these dates, our badminton racquets and shuttlecock will again rest for this cold season. No more jumping smashes, drop-shots and clear-shots.

Not only our tournament will take its rest. Autumn leaves had withered and fell to the ground in this season of winter. More cold and more clothing will be worn throughout this season.

This maybe the end of colorful leaves flying around the streets but this will also be the best time to do snow-boarding and skiing.
We will have our snowboarding this coming December 14-15 at Hakuba Snow Resort. I hope everyone will enjoy. Let us just always keep in mind that safety is always the first priority.

Happy snowboarding and I will  post our snow-boarding event later this month.
Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.



  1. Welcome to blogosphere kuya :-)
    Hope you will enjoy blogging and thanks for being a good badminton partner. finally i got a trophy :-)

  2. hahah! thanks kuya sa introduction. walang pressure, Go orange p din kuya!!