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Long Exposure
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I was captivated with the latest release of Canon DSLR line, the Canon 6D. I do evaluations on what will be its performance compared to my Canon 7D. Canon 6D is similar to Canon 60D when it comes to body shape and size so basically good for travelling. When I start to do test shots with a friend who also have 6D unit, I was amazed with its performance especially at low light conditions. I won't have to worry anymore on slow shutter speeds because I can have a high value of ISO with less noise. And because I love wide angle shots, this affordable full-frame unit is my best choice.
I am only a hobbyist in photography but I'm learning the most of it to give my audience great shots and amazing pictures.

Take a look at this shot. This picture was taken at 1/50sec with ISO of 12800 at F/4.0 wide aperture. The noise at this range are still considerably great.

This picture is taken at sunset with with shutter speed of 1/125sec with ISO speed of 1000 at F/4.0 wide aperture. I like this shot because I don'have to worry about digital noise on my background not like with Canon 7D ISO 1000 where noise is already noticeable and hard to eliminate in post processsing.
If you are a fan of landscape photography, I will recommend the latest release of Canon DSLRs, the Canon 6D. The price may not be friendly but this is the entry level for fullframe sensors in the market. Much affordable than the famous Canon 5D. The only downside I think about this unit is the card slot. Available slot is only 1 compared to its rival Nikon D600 having 2 card slots. Also, just make sure you have a spare of memory card when your shooting and extra battery or maybe a battery grip if you are a fan of the wifi capability of this unit because it drains its battery a lot faster.

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