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Long Exposure
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sunset Photography

Sunset is one of my favorite landscape shots. This is the time of the day that every minute is very crucial to have a nice full golden sun. I love the beauty of the sky when the sun touches the horizon. Its colorful ambient brings elegance to your photo. Adding a little subject in the foreground and it's perfect.

I took this shot on a tripod to attain stability and set it to high aperture not to lose focus on the foreground as well as the background but will be compensated with a slow shutter speed. After  5 minutes, the sun was then covered by the clouds and thus loosing the bright lights. My shot will not end there. I reposition my tripod to get a nice angle on the sky and the foreground subject.  After taking various shots , I decided to wait  for a fish to show in my camera view.

and luckily got a small fish on the left. I lost the bright setting sun but I got a cute little fish not caught in a net but caught with my shot. I also took a shot with my friend doing his work. A very nice silhouette between the contrasting sky and him.

Sunset is very beautiful, you can achieve nice shot without exerting more effort. If you love silhouettes, I'm sure you will love the sunset. 

Happy shooting everyone. 



  1. sunsets are visual therapy. next sunrise :-)

  2. definitely the sunrise na rin pag di tinatamad! :)