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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Boarders on the snow


For me, this is my hashtags for the snowboarding event we had last December 14-15 at Hakuba Goryo snow resort. Arriving very early at the resort and placing our things in the locker room, we are ready to rock.
I am very please to know that the snowboarding attire in this resort was one of a class, variety of color combinations makes you in a picture look awesome and can turn you into a PRO snowboarder ( anyway that's how it felt like). Starting so early at around 8:30, we go out in the open and having some practice in a mid slope freeway. Everyone in our group (Dash TTE's) are very eager to board. Falling many times was not considered to be a factor, everybody falls even the snow at that time was falling heavily. A little distance far ahead was so blurry that any eye cannot anymore percept.

This is a video of my girlfriend doing some snowboarding as I took the camera and followed her up to finish. I myself was so proud for her enthusiasm and what's more, she didn't fall on this video. We are all beginners so we slide the slope a little slow and the board is almost perpendicular to the slope so that we can guarantee a safe fall, a big consideration on the event like this.

I also have my video but that was a little boring, just plane snowboarding to cater my need of remembering events like this in the future.

Everybody enjoyed and also everybody felt the fatigue. So as we part from the resort, everyone was sleeping in the bus going back to Tokyo and into our apartment.

Everybody was safe. Thank God for this opportunity and keeping us safe.

Happy blogging everyone.


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